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Valentines Day!

Some people spend valentines day by going for a movie or a candle lit dinner... Or just a romantic stroll in the park! Or even at a singles party!

But me, I want to spend me valentines day eating this and this and this !!!!

Oh man! I think I need to check myself into cup cake rehab!!!!!

My trip to Sullia!!

I got onto a ksrtc volvo at 11:15 p.m. on Sunday night hoping to reach Mysore for my last week of training... But due to the very bad state of roads between Mangalore and Mysore, one of the tyres of the bus burst while the other got jammed into the Chassis of the bus!

This happened at 1:30 a.m. while I was trying my best to make the drunk guy next to me, understand the abuses I was hurling at him! Lucky for us, we were at a town named Sullia which had telephone coverage and was just 2 hours away from Mangalore.

After a lot of confusion, the bus driver declares that another bus is coming to get us from a location 1 hour away. So i waited and waited and waited... Finally at six in the morning with no sign of any bus, I hitched a ride back to mangalore! There were still about 20 people who were insistent on completing the journey! I do not know what happened to them! My parents had a good laugh after hearing my story!

I told a friend about this, and she said that she was stuck in the Ghats from 1 a.m. to 4 p.m.! After hearing that, I wasn't all that angry about what happened! After all, I did get to see my mom again, and also a great view of the country side!

I booked another ticket on the same route tonight!! :) Lets see how this goes!!

p.s. Does anyone know of any HR openings in any companies?? My friend really needs a new job after being the only HR for the Bangalore, Chennai and Now Delhi branch offices too!!!!


A movie that i can never get tired of!

What do you do when you're all alone at home feeling lonely...
Well i watched "When Harry met Sally" for the 6th time!!
Repeated all their dialogs and laughed at them again! Wonderful movie! Makes me remember all my friends and love them more!!!

Happy Budday Doc!

I love parties!!! Organised a surprise party for my sister and sony! It was super fun! Singing and gorging on yummy chocolate cake!! Yay!! Yummy! Happy Birthday hikoridikoridoc

I'm a POD person now!

Mesa got this for my budday!! thank you derherr!  you bring sweet music to my life in more ways than one!!

happy budday chinky and pinky!!

My parents are in town and planning a big budday party for me and steila! yay!! bring it on! i'm a big girl now. 20 years old atlast!
I've put up a link to the raghu dixit project show at pesit in my blog here. You gotta check it out!! They were super!
 Sigh... I'm all alone at home with absolutely nothing to do. Freaking hungry too. My sis is out with her bf and mines out of town holidaying at a taj resort!! Damn... i hate being lonely and hungry. Hopefully best friend should come to the rescue..
Another thing i realised is that cooking for me must be a group event. otherwise its way too boring to just cook all alone. No wonder i've been eating left over food for months... Is anyone selling a micro wave for really cheap? :D

Tarang '06

Those of you who din't attend my department (the telecom dept) fest finale Tarang '06 last saturday missed a spectacular event! Now you might think i'm bragging because i organized it but ask anyone who attended it. It rocked and how! My hindi speaking skills improved like crazy after this event, however i also completely lost my voice :D .

I called up Raghupathi Dixit to see whether his band "The Raghu Dixit Project" would be able to play for our show on saturday. He agreed in spite of the of it being last minute and also got a sponsor for the event!!  What an absolute sweet heart! They played beautifully and totally wooed the crowd! I must say that I'm an absolute fan of Raghu's voice now! My favorite song is "Ambar". It makes me smile.

One of the opening bands was EN ROUTE in which my sister sheila is lead vocals. I think they were quite ok for their maiden show! I'm so proud of you! derherr  left his hair and went mad on stage loving the attention he was getting from the telecom chicks. The tabla player sat on a high podium and looked positively high too! Raghu was dancing on stage with his guitar! And Anirban was at his usual perfectionist best! His solo's left the mad crowd speechless!

The setting was in my college OAT with white lanterns hung from the trees. The lighting guys did not get a word of what i was saying to them but they did a great job! The entire OAT was packed with 300 people jumping like crazy! Unlike AT our college fest, the show did not have the usual "lecturer" butting in everything. Believe me when that guys around, students aren't even supposed to whistle!! The crowd went absolutely mad listening to the band play. They were jumping, singing along, and dancing! I think i even saw a mexican wave!

I was so nervous before the event. Was just hoping that everything would fall into place. The sound we got was just a 1.5 kw system. Everything else was booked for the KK and Euphoria concerts. What excellent timing! Inspite of that people arrived and had a complete blast. I got a lot closer to my friends and saw the true colours of most of them. Was the absolute best!

Thank you so much Raghu for agreeing to play, and derherr for putting up with my bull s*** and Anirban for patiently listening to me crib about my HOD. I love you all!! Muah!

Will put up the pics soon. You can also see them here. These are the real pics btw :D sorry about the previous blunder.
Listen to some of the songs here